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I’ve officially closed my own office…

December 12, 2015

… and have rejoined the fabulous crowd of professionals at Somers & Associates, Inc REALTORS as a referral-only Associate Broker. This means that I am not doing any listing or buyer representation but I CAN still help you connect with (and let’s be honest: evaluate) a Somers & Associates, Inc. professional who can potentially help you with your real estate needs.

Other than that, Yes, I’m STILL retired. Cheers, Lori

Welcome Visitors

August 10, 2014

To all of the wonderful clients and customers I’ve served over my 20+ years in real estate, thank you for your trust, business and friendship.

After April 1, 2012 – I will not be taking on any clients in preparation for an indefinite leave of absence from active real estate sales & residential management.

2014 Retirement Update

April 5, 2014

A big “Thank You” to those of you who check in to say hello from time to time.  To answer your question, Yes, I am doing much better now.  And…No, I’m not getting “back into the business” (at least not as of the date of this post).  I did renew all the various educational and regulatory/legal/license requirements for a legally ‘open’ office through at least October of 2015.  So, as always, if you are a past client and have a question or document request, or just need a good referral to another local realtor to help you out, feel free to email me.     – Lori